NATIONAL cricket

The national team plays representative fixtures against touring teams by arrangement throughout the Icelandic summer. It also participates in an annual tour of the United Kingdom, and an annual tournament in Europe. The national team and its UK tours are sponsored by r/Cricket.

THE volcanic ashes

Iceland's domestic competition began in 2015 and for the first three seasons was played as the Domestic Cup. From 2018 onwards it is known as the Volcanic Ashes. It is a five-match series between Reykjavík and Kópavogur. At the start of each calendar year, all Iceland-registered players are entered into a player draft and allocated to one of the two teams. The Volcanic Ashes is sponsored by r/Cricket.

•    2019 Reykjavík Vikings squad: Asim Ayoub, Lakmal Bandara (captain), Keenan Botha, Olafur Briem, Leslie Dcunha, Derick Deonarain, Riaan Dreyer, Sadun Lankathilaka, Lee Nelson, Abdur Rehman, Sathiya Rupan.

•    2019 Kópavogur Puffins squad: Dushan Bandara, Abhishek Chauhan, David Cook, Brendon Fernando, Samuel Gill, Venkata Kumar, Gabriel Maksimov, Ravi Rawat, Jakob Roberts, Prabhath Weerasooriya, Nolan Williams.

r/Cricket Volcanic Ashes 2019

1st match: Sunday 20 January 2019  (Digranes)  Reykjavík won by three wickets  (scorecard)

2nd match: Sunday 20 January 2019  (Digranes)  Kópavogur won by seven wickets  (scorecard)

3rd match: Sunday 10 February 2019  (Digranes)  Reykjavík won by two runs  (scorecard)

4th match: Sunday 10 March 2019  (Digranes)  Reykjavík won by four wickets  (scorecard

5th match: Sunday 7 April 2019  (Digranes)   Reykjavík won by 22 runs  (scorecard



This year's ÍPL tournament was held from 1200 on Sunday 30 June 2019 at Víðistaðatún.


Iceland's inaugural ÍPL tournament was held in July 2018. It was a six-a-side competition held under Hong Kong Sixes rules. It is a round-robin league between five franchises. The ÍPL is sponsored by r/Cricket.

r/Cricket Íslensk Premier League 2019

1st match: Hafnarfjörður 60 for 6  (Lankathilaka 14)  lost to Garðabær 61 for 2  (Narayanan 18)  by four wickets

2nd match: Kópavogur 69 for 3  (Rawat 27)  lost to Reykjavík 73 for 4  (Abrahams 34)  by two wickets

3rd match: Garðabær 65 for 3  (Dcunha 28)  beat Kópavogur 55 for 5  (Gill 25)  by 10 runs

4th match: Hafnarfjörður 51 for 3  (L Bandara 24)  lost to Reykjavík 53 for 0  (Abrahams 25)  by six wickets

5th match: Hafnarfjörður 54 for 4  (Weerasooriya 22)  lost to Kópavogur 57 for 2  (Rawat 33)  by four wickets

Final: Garðabær 57 for 6  (Robertson 3-12)  lost to Reykjavík 58 for 5  (Abrahams 25)  by one wicket

•    2019 Reykjavík Vikings squad: David Cook (captain), Brendon Fernando, Jakob Robertson, Collis Abrahams, Junaid Raja, Justin Bercich, Abdur Rehman. Sponsored by Út í Blainn.

•    2019 Kópavogur Puffins squad: Abhishek Chauhan (captain), Ravi Rawat, Samuel Gill, Ólafur Briem, Colin Todd, Sampath Kumar, Ihtisham Haq. Sponsored by My Own Line Up.

•    2019 Garðabær Geysirs squad: Keenan Botha (captain), Leslie Dcunha, Mohammad Younas, Sulaman Nawaz, Kathiravan Narayanan, Javed Hussain, Ramachandran GujapanSponsored by Shalimar.

•    2019 Hafnarfjörður Hammers squad: Sadun Lankathilaka (captain), Lakmal Bandara, Prabhath Weerasooriya, Mayura Premasiri, Sathiya Rupan, Max Sandaru, Lakshitha BimsaraSponsored by Reykjavíkur Bón.