The Icelandic Cricket Association is an amateur organisation, overseen by an elected Board of volunteers. The key position-holders are as follows:

  • Chairman Bala Kamallakharan

  • Vice Chairman Samuel Gill

  • Secretary David Cook

  • Treasurer Lakmal Amaratunga

  • National team coach Keenan Botha

  • National team captain (2021 and 2022) Lakmal Bandara


There are four active teams in Iceland:


  • Reykjavík, nicknamed the Vikings, founded as Kylfan in 2000, and currently captained by Sadun Lankathilaka

  • Kópavogur, nicknamed the Puffins, founded in 2015, and currently captained by David Cook

  • Hafnarfjörður, nicknamed the Hammers, founded in 2018 and currently captained by Samuel Gill

  • Vesturbær, nicknamed the Volcano, founded in 2021 and currently captained by Sampath Kumar Nagarajan


There are five defunct teams: Stykkishólmur (2000 to 2003), Tryggingamiðstöðin (2001 to 2002), Tata (2008), Seltjarnarnes (2018) and Garðabær (2018 to 2020).


There are five annual domestic competitions in Iceland:


  • The Volcanic Ashes, the indoor competition, first played in 2015. It has been won by Kópavogur four times  (2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020) and Reykjavík twice (2017 and 2019).

  • The Summer Solstice Sixes, the six-a-side competition, first played in 2018. It has been won by Garðabær (2018) and Reykjavík (2019 and 2020).

  • The Íslensk Premier League, the T20 competition, first played in 2020. It was won by Kópavogur.

  • The Sixty Ball Shootout, the T10 competition, first played in 2020. It was won by Kópavogur.

  • The Samuel Gill Trophyan exhibition match between the Íslensk Premier League champions and the Rest of Iceland, first played in 2020. It is named after Samuel Gill, a former Chairman of the Icelandic Cricket Association, who played in the Iceland national team's first match twenty years previously. It was won by the Rest of Iceland.