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2.15 pm Kit Harris predicts that Kópavogur will be a lot weaker than last year, Hafnarfjörður will seek to strengthen their batting, Vesturbær will pick up a lot of players at base price, and Reykjavík will be unbeatable if they can get Derick Deonarain.

2.19 pm Hafnarfjörður nominate Sadun Lankathilaka but they, and Kópavogur, are fought off by Reykjavík who retain him for 18.000 krónur.

2.21 pm Reykjavík move for Javed Khan at base price (2.000 krónur) but Hafnarfjörður immediately bid 10.000 krónur and seal the deal instantly.

2.23 pm Hafnarfjörður bring Sathiya Rupan forward. Kópavogur bid 5.000 krónur; Vesturbær and Reykjavík join the bidding. Reykjavík win at 8.000 krónur.

2.25 pm Reykjavík seem to have had a tip-off about newcomer Vinoth Kalaiazhagan and compete with Kópavogur and Vesturbær to win him for 6.000 krónur.

2.27 pm Reykjavík place the opening bid for Sebastiaan Dreyer. Kópavogur and Vesturbær enter a bidding war, which Vesturbær win with 14.000 krónur.

2.29 pm Vesturbær have control and go for Ramachandran Gujapan. Kópavogur are in and the two battle up to 17.000 krónur, where Vesturbær clinch it.

2.31 pm Vesturbær introduce Abdur Rehman and tussle with Kópavogur for him. Kópavogur make him their first purchase, at 8.000 krónur.

There are now some technical problems with the sound.

2.37 pm Kópavogur decide to try and retain Riaan Dreyer and meet no resistance to their bid at his base price, securing him easily for 2.000 krónur.

2.39 pm Kópavogur seem to have had a tip-off about newcomer Vikram Kadan. Fleeting interest from Hafnarfjörður, but Kópavogur prevail at 4.000 krónur.

2.41 pm Kópavogur move for Jakob Robertson. Reykjavík and Hafnarfjörður have a crack, but Kópavogur sign him without much trouble at 6.000 krónur.

2.43 pm Kópavogur nominate Chamley Fernando. Vesturbær have a dab; Kópavogur and Hafnarfjörður go head-to-head. The latter wins at 17.000 krónur.

2.46 pm Kit Harris says things have gone from bad to worse for Kópavogur, who’ve failed to get three bowlers they wanted (Lankathilaka, Rupan and Gujapan) so have gone for Rehman to try and salvage the situation.

2.49 pm Hafnarfjörður bring Lal Mahagoda forward. Kópavogur are straight in with a bid for 3.000 krónur and immediately secure his services.

2.51 pm Kópavogur seem to have had a tip-off about newcomer Uthaya Rupan. Reykjavík have a dab, but Kópavogur get the deal at 4.000 krónur.

2.53 pm Kópavogur decide it’s time, at last, to bring Derick Deonarain to the table. All four teams bid and the price skyrockets. Hafnarfjörður lead at 16.000 krónur. Reykjavík raise to 17.000 but have insufficient funds to bid more. Kópavogur come in at 18.000 but Hafnarfjörður place the winning bid at 19.000 krónur and whoop with joy as they complete the all-important signing.

2.55 pm Hafnarfjörður are now exhausted and pass control to Kópavogur who nominate Jegadeesh Subramaniyam. Vesturbær fight hard to win him but Kópavogur bid relentlessly to win him at 18.000 krónur.

2.57 pm Kópavogur secure the sole Icelandic player, Ólafur Briem, uncontested at the 2.000 krónur base price, thus keeping him in their ranks.

2.59 pm Kópavogur think they should also be able to retain Arun Cheerankavil at base price, but Reykjavík jump in for 3.000 krónur.

3.01 pm Reykjavík introduce Bala Kamallakharan. There is interest from Vesturbær but ultimately it’s Kópavogur who get him, for 8.000 krónur.

3.03 pm Kópavogur need a wicketkeeper and nominate David Abew-Baidoo. There is a bid from Reykjavík but Kópavogur return to win him at 4.000 krónur.

3.05 pm Kópavogur introduce Nolan Williams to the auction. Hafnarfjörður make a bid, but Kópavogur face no other contest and he’s theirs for 4.000 krónur.

3.07 pm Kópavogur nominate Prabhath Weerasooriya, though they and Hafnarfjörður are almost out of money, so it becomes a two-way fight between Vesturbær and Reykjavík who, amidst considerable tension, steadily push the price up until Reykjavík succeed in retaining his services for 12.000 krónur.

3.09 pm Reykjavík pass control to Vesturbær who pick up newcomers Anantha Krishnan and Sunil Tandra at the base price of 2.000 krónur. They keep nominating their newcomers, and Hafnarfjörður place single bids to nudge the Vesturbær bids for Avik Ghosh, Kuldeep Jha and Abhijit Butti up to 4.000 krónur, but they don’t interfere with Vesturbær’s base-price bid for Mahendra Suthar.

3.16 pm Vesturbær now make a move for Max Sandaru, but Reykjavík are intent upon retaining him and are prepared to shell out 5.000 krónur to do so.

3.18 pm Kit Harris says that the Hafnarfjörður policy is to rely on Fernando and Deonarain to score winning totals for them, that Reykjavík have the best bowling attack by far and that Vesturbær are picking up a lot of the newcomers cheaply, as expected. He says the two players to watch from here are Lakshitha Bimsara and Lee Nelson, and points out that Reykjavík don’t have a wicketkeeper yet. He explains how each team could secure the key signing of Nelson.

Vinny Sandhu asks about the huge price Kópavogur paid for Subramaniyam, and how their squad is looking in general. Kit Harris says they’ve made a big mistake. They had plenty of bowling when they bought him, and nobody who can be relied on to score a half-century when it counts.

Vinny Sandhu asks whether Vesturbær could sign Bimsara and Nelson, just to prevent Reykjavík from signing a wicketkeeper. Kit Harris says it’s a good idea, especially since Reykjavík need a good gloveman to match their bowling attack.

Kit Harris says Reykjavík’s best chance lies in not nominating Nelson yet, but trying to get Vesturbær to sweep up more of their newcomers in order to reduce their purse for Nelson later on.

3.24 pm Reykjavík eschew both of these options and name Sulaman Nawaz. Vesturbær make one bid, then Hafnarfjörður retain him for 4.000 krónur.

3.25 pm Hafnarfjörður pass control to Kópavogur, who put Lee Nelson into nomination. Vesturbær bid, then Reykjavík, then Vesturbær seal the deal for 5.000 krónur, and now have two wickekeepers. Reykjavík must get Bimsara.

3.26 pm Vesturbær duly bring Lakshitha Bimsara under the hammer and Reykjavík cannot afford to bid more than 3.000 krónur, so Vesturbær win him for 4.000 krónur and now they have three keepers. Reykjavík will go into the season without a wicketkeeper.

3.28 pm All the remaining winning bids are for the base price of 2.000 krónur; nobody can afford a competitive bid any more. Vesturbær nominate and get Ramji Navapara then pass control to Reykjavík.

3.32 pm Reykjavík nominate and get Mahinda Dissanayake, Lakmal Amaratunga, Pradip De, Omar Safi Khan, Asim Ayoub then pass control to Vesturbær.

3.36 pm Vesturbær nominate and get Rishabh Mishra, and become the first team to reach 14 players, the minimum squad size. They pass control to Hafnarfjörður.

3.37 pm Hafnarfjörður nominate and get Kali Nazar and Tariq Muhmood. They pass control to Kópavogur.

3.39 pm Kópavogur nominate and get Rajesh Paul, thus exhausting their purse and completing their squad of 14 players. They pass control to Reykjavík.

3.40 pm Reykjavík nominate and get Ravi Rawat, and they now have their 14 players. They pass control to Vesturbær, who pass control to Hafnarfjörður.

3.41 pm Hafnarfjörður nominate and get Fida Wur, Javed Hussain, Junaid Raja, Leslie Dcunha, Agha Khan and Saruna Dumbris. They have now spent all their money and completed their squad of 14 players.

3.49 pm Kit Harris says Reykjavík have the strongest team and ‘most of the stars’, though with vulnerability in the batting beyond the Bandara brothers. Vesturbær have outmanoeuvred everyone, taking a number of players wanted by Kópavogur, signing three wicketkeepers to prevent Reykjavík from having one, and bringing in Nelson for his vast knowledge of the players they’ll face.

Hafnarfjörður have, in Javed Khan, a leader for a tidy attack, whose job it will be to make opposition totals chaseable for Deonarain and Fernando. Of Kópavogur he says ‘I don’t really know what to make of it, to be honest. It’s not gone the way they wanted.’

3.52 pm Reykjavík have a little money remaining, so they sign Ben Boorman as their 15th player. Vesturbær have enough left to afford Mohit Kotian and Sreejith Jayabhavan to bring their squad up to 16 players.

You can see the full squad lists here.



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