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Highlights of the sixth week

  • Hafnarfjörður pass 190 for the second time in 2021

  • Dushan Bandara scores his 20th half-century

  • Personal-best figures of 4 for 29 for Bala Kamallakharan

  • Kópavogur's batting leaves them short of runs again

  • Vesturbær continue their improvements with the bat

  • Derick Deonarain returns to bowling with 2 for 21

  • He then scores his 21st half-century

  • Lakmal Bandara's blitzkrieg 38 takes Reykjavík to victory

  • Reykjavík consolidate their table-topping position

  • Azhagesan Dhanapalan is the 207th player to appear in ICA cricket

  • Senthil Mahalingam is the 208th player to appear in ICA cricket

Hafnarfjörður v Kópavogur

  • Hafnarfjörður 191 for 6 (20 overs) Dushan Bandara 66* Bala Kamallakharan 4—29

  • Kópavogur 126 for 9 (17.3 overs) Bala Kamallakharan 27 Javed Miakhial 3—25

  • Hafnarfjörður won by 65 runs Full scorecard

With Bandara back in the ranks and fully firing, the Hammers were able to post a mammoth total after an impressive foundation had been laid by Chamley Fernando (43 from 29) and Sulaman Nawaz (24 from 32). Bandara, coming in at his preferred number three position, struck nine fours and three sixes in a whirlwind innings lasting 28 balls. Late-innings hitting from Samuel Gill and Javed Miakhial maintained the momentum, though there was a flurry of wickets as Bala Kamallakharan took career-best figures. The Kópavogur veteran had switched to bowling off-breaks, which was a revelation for the Puffins, and he stood more or less alone in keeping the total below 200, though a tidy debut performance from Azhagesan Dhanapalan was worthy of note. There was no rest for Kamallakharan, as he was immediately pressed into service as an opening batsman alongside David Cook. They posted 57 in a team performance that appeared to be an effort to minimise the damage to net run rate, rather than a death-or-glory pursuit of victory. Hafnarfjörður's all-seam attack was profligate with wides, bowling 27 of them, but chipped away regularly enough to ensure that Kópavogur never got close.

Vesturbær v Reykjavík

  • Vesturbær 130 for 7 (20 overs) Sampath Nagarajan 27 Derick Deonarain 2—21

  • Reykjavík 131 for 4 (15.3 overs) Derick Deonarain 51 Sampath Nagarajan 2—17

  • Reykjavík won by six wickets Full scorecard

Vesturbær, having recently come into a little form and consistency with the bat, elected to set a target upon winning the toss. Reykjavík had a surprise in store. Confronted with the superb season record of Sebastiaan Dreyer at the top of the order, they countered by opening the bowling with Derick Deonarain, who had not bowled in this tournament for two years. The surprise tactic worked twice, as not only Dreyer but also Mohit Kotian were sent back early by the off-spinner. But where the Volcano might once have fizzled out, this time there was a constant flow of runs as Avik Ghosh, Sampath Nagarajan, Kathir Narayanan and Lee Nelson all made useful middle-order contributions. Aided by an appalling 30 wides, Vesturbær were able to post a competitive score. Getting Deonarain out early, of course, was the key to victory, and this Vesturbær were unable to do. Though wickets fell at the other end, Deonarain continued his sublime form and raced to an untroubled half-century from 37 balls with six fours and three sixes. When he fell with 31 still needed, there were so many overs remaining that it was hard for Vesturbær to lift their spirits. A couple of overs left, it was all finished, as Lakmal Bandara finally came into some form of his own with 38 from 33 balls. Reykjavík thus consolidated their position at the top of the table.



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