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Players for future international fixtures will be selected rather than recruited, the Icelandic Cricket Association has announced, as part of its drive to ‘professionalise the culture’ of the organisation.

The Icelandic national team has played international matches on two tours: to England in 2018 and to Malta in 2019 (there were no internationals in 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic). Players were recruited for these tours on the basis that each could pay his own way, but it has now been decided that the ICA will select – and pay for – each player on the tour.

Selection will be undertaken by a panel of five, comprising Bala Kamallakharan (Chairman), Sadun Lankathilaka (Vice-Chairman), Ihtisham ul Haq (Coach), Lakmal Bandara (Captain) and one as-yet-unappointed member.

‘It is great to formalise the Iceland national team’s selection process. We now have such a number of talented players that forming this committee is an important step in our development,’ said Kamallakharan, who will chair the panel.



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